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Care & carry - 2  reviews

Nicole , 19/11/17
It is always a struggle to bathe my little Camilla, so one day, I remember the bathrooms I was a girl with Lush bath bombs, I decided to take a round in the center and bring her to see the store. Thanks to the very nice order, all the colored balls were shown and it was easy to smell the fragrance o...

Freccia Rossa Shopping Centre

Viale Italia 31 Brescia

Freccia Rossa Shopping Centre

Brescia - Fashion - 5  reviews

Nicole , 13/07/17
The other day I went to the Wiz multi-sector cinema with my two young children, having arrived an hour earlier than at the beginning of the film's programming, I noticed a lively playroom called "Joy Village" next to the ticket office. We could have fun with the many facilities available but above ...

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