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Electric cars

Games - 1  review

Anna , 26/07/16
My son Matthew has always had a passion for cars. Every time we look at all the street and makes the ranking of the most beautiful for him. He started to make a small collection of miniature machines, which now has a box full. For birthday, my husband and we made him a little surprise, we gave elec...

Egyptian Museum of Turin

011 561 7776 -
Via Accademia delle Scienze, 6, 10123 Torino

Egyptian Museum of Turin

Torino - Culture - 4  reviews

Anna , 25/07/16
This year we brought our kids to the Egyptian Museum in Turin. We started early in the morning from Brescia and we got there in less than three hours with a private bus. The kids were happy with this tour because they got to spend a day together and he was interested in more the fact to visit the m...

IKEA Italy

Strada Provinciale 208, n. 3 20061 Carugate

IKEA Italy

Milano - Design - 17  reviews

Anna , 08/08/17

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