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Alice , 23/05/18
Do you remember when summer came and as kids you could finally run to the beach? We have all played at least once with marbles, at the sea. The unfortunate who would have been dragged on the sand to build the base of a long, smooth track was raffled off. Then they began to study intricate bridges an...

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alessia , 14/02/18

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Brescia - Games - 1  review

Elena , 24/01/18


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Angela , 17/11/17


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Giuseppe , 13/02/17
Among my work, which makes me do more later in the week, and sometimes on Saturdays, and the school and the tennis of my son Marco workouts, we can not see each other very much and I always feel, unfortunately, neglect of a bit'. So as soon as I can, usually on weekends, I try to stay with him for t...


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Marina , 12/03/17


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All the experiences in Alice

Alice , 18/01/17
One of the gifts that I and my little Penelope we enjoyed most of last Christmas is this set "Fantasy Beads": even when he unwrapped the bundle, Penelope had big eyes happy and excited ... a gift really got it right! The box includes over 200 color beads, shapes and sizes, and of course many thread...


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Luca , 02/01/17
Like every time, this year I think my children have received too many Christmas presents. The problem is that between grandparents, uncles and friends, at this time all bring gifts of some sort ... and besides, see the eyes of happy children is something that no one can resist! Santa Claus this yea...

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