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Artistic Childhood Association APS Educative Cultural

Via Dante 110 20081 Abbiategrasso

Artistic Childhood Association APS Educative Cultural

Milano - Education - 1  review

Elisa , 15/06/17
I'm a mom working in the bank so now that summer is coming I need to find a campus for my 7 year old Julian son where you can have fun. Near my home there is a campus called Artinphanzia in Milan. They spoke to me very well of this center where they engage children in interactive games and activit...

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via San Calocero 16 - 20123

Milano - Education - 1  review

Valentina , 24/05/17

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via Vittorio Veneto, 14 Udine

Udine - Education - 1  review

Alice , 19/04/17
We took advantage of the Easter holiday to go to visit her grandmother in Udine a couple of days. Grandmothers, you know, always exaggerate with lunch, if we talk about the Easter dinner then ... you can imagine, you's since Saturday! Anyway, I suppose that many of you may have found in my situation...


Primomodo, born in 2009 in Bergamo, Viale Giulio Cesare 29, it is a multi-purpose center dedicated to family and early childhood, whose intent is to provide citizens of Bergamo province and an educational and social space for parents and children, according to a close plan to promote the well-being ...


Dimillecolori is a 600-square-meter facility on two floors in the Lorenteggio area of ​​Milan, easily reached by public transport. The areas are adjoining but separate, to take account of different needs: the nest, of about 300 square meters on the ground floor, and game room on the first floor....

Association Music Together Milan / Bergamo

MUSIC TOGETHER Courses of Music Education for Children from 0 to 5 years and their parents! Singing, movement, play, rhythm, musical instruments, English, dance ... Music Together® is an education program to the musicality spread around the world, was born in Princeton, NJ, USA in 1987. It is aimed...

Verdeacqua NPO

Verdeacqua is a team by high specialization in science and environmental education, capable of creating activities and projects, educational and edutainment for children from kindergarten to secondary school. Since 1994 directs the educational sector of Aquarius Civic Milan, but our action, however,...


Hello Kids! It is an English language school recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research for the method in teaching English to children in pre-school and school children and for educational purposes. Tutors Hello Kids! are all certified by the teaching of smaller inglese...

M'ama space


M'ama space

Brescia - Education - 1  review

Valeria , 11/11/16
My recent new mom experience makes me recommend it to all new mothers this course. To me these girls are allowed to take up my new life with my son making me feel adequate, never intrusive just giving me advice, always respecting my role of mother and woman. Word of Mom


English for children aged 3 months to 19 years Galalith Nestled within the space, in our Milan Learning Centre not only can find a wide range of Helen Doron English courses described on the site, but plenty of space to stay and have fun waiting for our lessons. Besides a large game room, it is avail...

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