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Magic radio

This morning reading a magazine he discovered that there is a children's radio, Magic Radio, and I decided to talk about it because I think it really is a fabulous and unique project! The idea came from Elena Rocco, Marketing teacher in Venice, the mother of a Henry who has a genetic disease; to st...

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Samuel , 25/02/17


Your child likes to use your cell phone and take photos? The perfect app for it exists and is called "Jigzo". This is an app that allows you to crop an image from the photo library of the device as if it were a puzzle and then reassemble it in play as soon as possible. It 'very funny, sometimes it...


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Pietro , 23/03/16
Today we have a new app I've tried and which I can not find a real fault! Strikes already now: after the download when you sign asks you suffered a math question in such a way that small children can not get into it too much without the help of mom and dad. Essentially a APP that allows you to bet...

Green wardrobe

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Via Vittoria Colonna 50

Green wardrobe

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Laura , 13/01/16
Manage the wardrobe of young children, at least for me, it is a real tragedy. Two sons, both born in the winter: definitely the best of the best to recycle the great clothes. Except that the "small" one-year weights as his brother of three. Can you imagine the drama. No possibility of recycling. Wh...

Santa Tracker: Santa's journey

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All the experiences in Davide

Davide , 04/12/15
The other day I went on Google Maps to search a thing but a button caught my attention: "-20 days to Santa's takeoff" and I could not resist the temptation to find out more ... Clicking me a world is open! It is a super interesting app: you can access the Santa Claus Village where there are many c...

mom Cult

We are often asked why an association that deals with family-sized culture, has the word "mother" in the name. It may sound confusing, but little to do with gender stereotypes and a lot with the story, the staff, of whom he thought Mom Cult and well founded, and who over the years has chosen to go o...

Salt eco-toys and clothes for children craft

Salt-Eco is an e-commerce which aims to give value to crafts made in Italy by offering inside clothing and accessories from Italian workshops. In the shop you will find a section dedicated to children in which you can find handmade toys in wood, environmentally friendly cardboard or cloth with which...


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All the experiences in Michela

Michela , 26/10/15
There are nights when my nanerotto not really want to know from going to sleep. At first I persisted and did not understand it as we adults sometimes we do not sleep, so it can also happen to children. But then I gave in and I have been busy to find something that could help us in these moments. The...

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