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Jurassic World

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Marina , 01/07/15

The Goonies

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Barbara , 09/06/15
I was reading the Post and I stumbled upon an article that made me go girl. The Goonies - one of my favorite movies as well as real myth of childhood - has completed 30 years yesterday. Do you remember? An incredible adventure of a group of kids who are substituted for adults and solve a problem th...


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Barbara , 19/03/15
I do not know if you moms sometimes you look at your husband or your companions while they do something with the children. Sometimes it happens that I am busy with household chores, maybe I'm cooking or extending the role of the father and take this opportunity to look after the two dwarfs. Here so...

The Mother Hood: an enlightening video on living motherhood

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Alessia , 29/01/15
The pregnancy test is positive, and - besides being the umpteenth sky and to have his legs trembling as in a wild twist 60s - begin to wonder what kind of parent you are and you make choices when you're in the arms your frugoletto. There are real schools of thought and the camps rather Net: breast V...

Big Hero 6

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Pietro , 03/08/17

Winx Club: The Mystery of the Deep

Movies - 3  reviews

Teresa , 25/01/17
When it rains on Sunday and we do not want to go out, usually we watch a movie together. Obviously the last time we had to listen to the wishes of the two tiny ... and here so that we ended up watching the last film of their favorite fairies, Winx Club: The Mystery of the Deep. This third adventure...

Planes 2, Mission Fire

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Manuela , 03/09/14
The other day I took my 3 year old son and a half for the first time at the movies. It really was better than I expected: like all children at that age, is always active and full of energy, but in the room was really behaved very well. He was very interested in the cartoon we watched: 2 Planes-fire ...

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Movies - 2  reviews

Gabriele , 05/03/17
Since these days the time the weekend has not given great sunshine, we took the opportunity to visit some relatives. One afternoon we went by my uncles, and my cousin was watching the DVD of a cartoon that I had heard of but had never seen, Your Dragon. Since the talk of my parents did not interest ...


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Antonia , 23/07/14
My teenage daughter goes so much time watching MTV especially in this period which is home from school, and with her I watched Generation Cryo: Stuck Case. This program tells the story of Bree, a 17 year old American girl who conceived in a test tube and raised by two moms, begins his journey to be ...

Maleficent is the cinema!

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Jennifer , 19/06/14
Hello everyone, I am the mother of Paul and Elisa (8 and 9 years respectively), for months now I follow the blog almost daily and in all these months I never had no idea of ​​what to publish, but today I decided to tell you about Maleficent, the the new Disney movie, a remake of Sleeping Beauty....

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