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Via Augusto Anfossi, 19 Milano

Milano - Fashion - 1  review

Federica , 12/06/17

Fashion - 1  review

Pino Saitta , 01/06/17


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Via Bocchi 233 55013 Capannori


Lucca - Fashion - 2  reviews

Luisa , 29/07/17


Fashion - 1  review

Valeria , 10/04/17
I've always loved to follow the fashion and in the choice of clothes for my children I sought comfort, simplicity and beauty. Needless to say, I go crazy for all the clothes, the shoes and accessories for girls, but also those sweet colored sweaters for boys and mini bow ties. Yesterday I decided to...

Original Marines

Fashion - 1  review

Alessandra , 20/03/17

Lecce - Fashion - 1  review
All the experiences in Alice

Alice , 14/02/17


Brescia - Fashion - 1  review

Angela , 12/07/17


Fashion - 1  review
All the experiences in Alice

Alice , 14/01/17
My daughter Penelope is a little girl who loves keeping up with fashion, and already last fall convinced me to buy the Ugg. At first I was not too convinced, but then, once bought, I changed my mind, because it is really comfortable in those comfortable shoes. So Santa Claus brought him another pair...

Petit Bateau

Fashion - 1  review
All the experiences in Alice

Alice , 09/01/17
Sometimes I can not resist the temptation to do some 'shopping for my kids and there is no better place, when I Udine, Petit Bateau in Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, clothing for children cheerful and welcoming store. Recently we have entered with Giacomo, one of my two pests, and the staff immediately w...

SALINA baby store Milan

SARA 'A BOY OR A GIRL? .... NO MATTER THERE' SALINA! 50 years in Milan is the landmark of new mothers, four stores where even the most demanding mom can find the answer to every desiderio.Condotto from Salina family, the main store in Viale Abruzzi 51, ridge 1000mq.è unique and interesting articles...

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