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Milano - Culture - 1  review

Marilena , 11/08/17

Comic Banzai - 100% Manga & Japan Style

Padova - Culture - 1  review

Giacomo , 04/02/17
The comic Banzai of Padua is one of the most well-stocked of Italy, undoubtedly one of my favorites in town. Since I started the university in this beautiful city I always do a jump and when my family comes to see us bring my little brother, who is 11 years old. We allow ourselves a little shopping,...

Show Hokusai, Hiroshige and Utamaro

Milano - Culture - 1  review

Marina , 29/01/17
Sunday afternoon in downtown Milan with the goal of seeing one of the exhibitions at Palazzo Reale billboard. Choice fallout of a priori, Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro. endless queue. Reservations, in my opinion, very badly managed. booked groups arranged randomly, to say the least. You say, "What a...

Musica classica, Divina commedia e bambini...

Brescia - Culture - 1  review
All the experiences in Francesca M.

Francesca M. , 17/01/17
Vi starete chiedendo cosa mai ci potrà essere in comune tra la musica classica, la Divina commedia (la storia delle proprio quella di Dante) e i bambini dai 18 mesi in su. Me lo sono chiesto anche io, sforzandomi di pensare come avrei potuto fare per convincere Alberto a venire ad uno ...

Piazza della scala

Milano - Culture - 1  review

Alessandro , 18/12/16

City of Science

Science City is an interactive science museum in Naples run by the IDIS Foundation, one of the "non-governmental organizations in official relationship" with UNESCO. Visitors, young and old, are called to directly experience scientific phenomena in nature and in everyday life: there are no objects o...


Fluidoflusso is a dynamic cultural space that lives by the participation of its members. We offer courses, seminars, workshops for adults and children. We rent space for courses, seminars, workshops, parties, conferences and presentations. The activities are all aimed at stimulating critical self-co...

Teatro Caboto

The caboto theater is active within the past more than 10 years the city of Milan, during which he developed alongside the program of drama, even a small program of theater for children, cared for by MICLO company, led by Ciro Cipriano. It is funny shows, merry, with the characters on stage live exc...

The Museum of Period Carriages

Located in Rome, and entered into the Lazio Regional Museums, the "Permanent Exhibition Museum - The Vintage Carriage" it is a place of culture for all of the horse world fans and coaches. In a space of 3,000 square meters are exhibited 159 pieces of vintage vehicles, belonging to a collection that...

Museum of Tasso and postal history

Camerata di Cornello

Museum of Tasso and postal history

The Museum of Tasso and the Postal History was founded in 1991, in two historic buildings in the medieval village of Cornello. Cornello was the place of origin of the family rate, known around the world for the literary work of Torquato Tasso and the entrepreneurial skills of some of his officers, w...

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