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Not Tata Only

ABOUT Tata Not only is an innovative project that offers high quality services aimed at families, hotel tourism and catering facilities, companies and event planning agencies, public institutions, commercial entities. Tata not only ensures the preparation, competence and insurance coverage of their ...


BioHima is the new reality in Milan that offers you relax, harmony being. Halotherapy, massage sessions, yoga and qi-gong, Feldenkrais and storytelling for children, are all activities carried out in our cave pink salt. In our store you can find many wellness organic cosmetics from the salt lamps.

piccolini Barilla

Care & carry - 2  reviews
All the experiences in Luca

Luca , 24/09/16
Order. Disorder. For children it is all a matter of perspective. For us parents, however, always it means putting in place to pass them. But, even a child you need to teach ordering, especially if we adults have little time to do it and we therefore need little hands collaborative. When we are at...

Integrated Institute of Psychosomatics

Institute of Psychosomatic Integrated is a cutting-edge center for the promotion of psychological health, somatic and environmental of the person, of the couple and of the family, present in Milan, Gallarate (VA) and Zanica (BG). Our psychologists and health professionals, as well as specialized tra...

The Nest Yaia XXII Marzo

The Nest Yaia

Milano - Care & carry - 1  review

Marilena , 18/08/16
This summer, both my husband worked until the first week of August, so we decided to send our daughter to Yaia summer camp. The Nest Yaya is a kindergarten large nest and very equipped, which also includes a soft gym, a water room and a kitchen where everything is organic and the home made possible...


Care & carry - 1  review

Melissa , 18/08/16
Last year, the September rains have taken us by surprise: on the way to kindergarten, which is located about 500 meters from our house, Federico came up dirty all the time and sometimes too wet clothes, despite the waterproof jacket . So this summer I ordered online a collection of rainwear suit Go...

Parties and Leisure

Via Cimarosa, 4

Parties and Leisure

Milano - Care & carry - 1  review

Marinella , 17/08/16
For the birthday party of my daughter, we decided to buy the Parties & Leisure kit themed princesses. Valentina, in fact, wanted all her friends could dress up as princesses with her to her party. The kit is very complete: it includes a garland, pink and white balloons, 10 riders placeholder, confet...

Baby boy named

Via Fontane, 27/h

Baby boy named

Brescia - Care & carry - 2  reviews

Michela , 24/03/17

Ludi Label

Care & carry - 2  reviews
All the experiences in Alice

Alice , 29/08/16
Before the holidays, panicked suitcases - when it has to start in 4 have to think about many things, believe me - I was looking for a way to better organize the clothes of all: piles of T-shirts scattered here and there, costumes and costumini , skirts, skirts, sarongs, hats, shorts, long and short ...

Bio Store

San Polo, Via Pietro Vannucci, 32

Bio Store

Brescia - Care & carry - 1  review

Rossella , 08/08/16
On Friday he improvised a fugue with my firstborn. Taking advantage of the availability of a dear friend to keep the little pest of 1year, he and I went for a super breakfast at the Bio Store, San Polo neighborhood in Brescia. I had heard often, but frankly I would not have imagined such a gem! To ...

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