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Sangenic Tommee Tippee

Care & carry - 1  review

Valentina , 26/01/17
While I was waiting for my baby, I received a disposal system for dirty diapers as a gift. Since neither I nor my partner have experience, at the beginning this product made us smile a little and we did not really understand its usefulness. Stefano now has 4 weeks and the Sangenic is proving enorm...

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Via Pietro dal Monte, 2, 25123 Brescia

Brescia - Care & carry - 1  review

Sonia , 22/11/17

349 412 3455
Via XV settembre 16 Jesi

Ancona - Care & carry - 1  review
All the experiences in Alice

Alice , 20/09/17


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Nicole , 19/11/17
It is always a struggle to bathe my little Camilla, so one day, I remember the bathrooms I was a girl with Lush bath bombs, I decided to take a round in the center and bring her to see the store. Thanks to the very nice order, all the colored balls were shown and it was easy to smell the fragrance o...

Franzoni shoe g. Mauro & c srl

via Ponte Musia 23/25, 25086 Rezzato, Brescia

Franzoni shoe g. Mauro & c srl

The CALZIFICIO FRANZONI G. MAURO & C: SRL is a company made of women who think about women, thanks to the ten years experience in the production and sale of socks has developed a cosmeto-textile line to help women find and / or Keep the shape; The SLIMTaf line includes cosmetic leggings that help to...

Via Cologne, 12 37023 Grezzana (VR)

Verona - Care & carry - 1  review

lucia , 29/06/17

Philips Avent

Care & carry - 1  review

Veronica , 27/05/17
During the first months of life I think things, gestures, and choices are more important for our children. I have chosen to use the new Philips Avent suits for Federica for 3 months. Nocturnal nipples with orthodontic teats allow a normal development of palate, dentins and gums. The "pacifiers", as ...


Care & carry - 1  review

martina , 20/05/17

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