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All the experiences in Alice

Alice , 20/09/17


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anna chiara , 01/09/17

Franzoni shoe g. Mauro & c srl

via Ponte Musia 23/25, 25086 Rezzato, Brescia

Franzoni shoe g. Mauro & c srl

The CALZIFICIO FRANZONI G. MAURO & C: SRL is a company made of women who think about women, thanks to the ten years experience in the production and sale of socks has developed a cosmeto-textile line to help women find and / or Keep the shape; The SLIMTaf line includes cosmetic leggings that help to...

Via Cologne, 12 37023 Grezzana (VR)

Verona - Care & carry - 1  review

lucia , 29/06/17

Philips Avent

Care & carry - 1  review

Veronica , 27/05/17
During the first months of life I think things, gestures, and choices are more important for our children. I have chosen to use the new Philips Avent suits for Federica for 3 months. Nocturnal nipples with orthodontic teats allow a normal development of palate, dentins and gums. The "pacifiers", as ...


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martina , 20/05/17

Care & carry - 1  review

Ilaria , 12/05/17
For some months now I am reading some negative articles about the talc of the famous American chain Johnson & Johnson. Many consumers have denounced the company for this product which appears to be according to many carcinogens. In the US to a woman who has been diagnosed with cancer, doctors have d...

Care & carry - 1  review

Sara , 10/05/17

Care & carry - 1  review

Barbara , 22/04/17

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