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Franzoni shoe g. Mauro & c srl

via Ponte Musia 23/25, 25086 Rezzato, Brescia

Franzoni shoe g. Mauro & c srl

The CALZIFICIO FRANZONI G. MAURO & C: SRL is a company made of women who think about women, thanks to the ten years experience in the production and sale of socks has developed a cosmeto-textile line to help women find and / or Keep the shape; The SLIMTaf line includes cosmetic leggings that help to...

Via Cologne, 12 37023 Grezzana (VR)

Verona - Care & carry - 1  review

lucia , 29/06/17

Philips Avent

Care & carry - 1  review

Veronica , 27/05/17
During the first months of life I think things, gestures, and choices are more important for our children. I have chosen to use the new Philips Avent suits for Federica for 3 months. Nocturnal nipples with orthodontic teats allow a normal development of palate, dentins and gums. The "pacifiers", as ...


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martina , 20/05/17

Care & carry - 1  review

Ilaria , 12/05/17
For some months now I am reading some negative articles about the talc of the famous American chain Johnson & Johnson. Many consumers have denounced the company for this product which appears to be according to many carcinogens. In the US to a woman who has been diagnosed with cancer, doctors have d...

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Sara , 10/05/17

Care & carry - 1  review

Barbara , 22/04/17

The nannies of the night

Are a novelty in Italy, are only two at the time, but on a professional level are in great demand for their preparation: I'm talking about the tate of the night that educate parents, that desperate contact, and not directly to infants and small children, the ritual of nanna to make their nell'addorm...

Peg Perego

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Flavia , 18/03/17
Yesterday I accompanied my friend Valentina for shops. Valentina is pregnant and her baby will be born in June, but is being carried out with purchases, because they (rightly) is no longer in the skin. Although the idea was to take a ride to get an idea of ​​the price of the room, his attention ...

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