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Family Twister!

Finished school and Giada and Camillo no longer go to bed early as in winter. I thought we would share the evening time with them and we organized a game every night in which the whole family is involved! I decided to offer them a game that I know well because at their age I always played with my fr...

Pizza together!

For the first time I and my daughter Lisa cooked together. It was fun. More than cooking to tell the truth we dirty the kitchen, but I did not mind either when I had to clean because my daughter very gently came close to me and said "we cooked together and cleaned together, I'm a great little girl "...

Bell game

I am a mom, I have a 7 year old daughter Chiara and I often think of the games I did when I was his age. I can not forget the famous "Campana" game: who did not play at least once when he was small! It consists of drawing a circuit consisting of squares using a plaster, the players in turn have to ...

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