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alessia , 14/02/18


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giacomina , 07/02/18

Sangenic Tommee Tippee

Care & carry - 1  review

Valentina , 26/01/17
While I was waiting for my baby, I received a disposal system for dirty diapers as a gift. Since neither I nor my partner have experience, at the beginning this product made us smile a little and we did not really understand its usefulness. Stefano now has 4 weeks and the Sangenic is proving enorm...

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Piazza del Mercato, 11 bis Brescia

Brescia - Games - 1  review

Elena , 24/01/18

Udine - Hobbies & Sports - 1  review
All the experiences in Luca

Luca , 17/01/18
Last Sunday, me, my wife and our two children, we decided to go to Udine to find grandma: a beautiful Sunday out of town with the whole family. Taking advantage of the beautiful sunny day, we took a quiet walk through the city, and arrived in Piazza San Giovanni we discovered the existence of a chil...

Venezia - Culture - 1  review

Bruno , 28/11/17
A few days ago, my wife and I decided to bring our children to Venice. We had already visited her all together and were so impressed that they had asked us to come back. This time we opted for a more cultural and artistic trip, and we decided to visit the Peggy Guggenheim. I had read an article on S...

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Via Pietro dal Monte, 2, 25123 Brescia

Brescia - Care & carry - 1  review

Sonia , 22/11/17


Games - 1  review

Angela , 17/11/17

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