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The GGG - The Big Giant Gentile secondo luca

luca, 11/02/17 - 761 views

A night at the movies is often a well spent evening, especially when you spend with your family. The trailer for the new film by Steven Spielberg, "The BFG, the big gentle giant", was immediately fascinated me and I was reminded of the times when I was little and I used to read books by Roald Dahl. So I decided to bring my cousin to see it in order to transmit the same emotions felt in my time. The multiplex was as always full, the queue at the ticket was almost exhausting, but the film is absolutely worth the time spent in the queue. Including popcorn and the usual room in the children amazed whispers time flies and it seems that the projection has fond well as my cousin, was literally speechless. In the evening ended, the return home was marked by a passionate conversation about giants and magical creatures that inhabit the children's fantasies ... I see a lot of me at his age inhe!

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