Become Community Ambassador

Are you a dynamic person and an enthusiast of the world of kids? Are you looking for an activity you can manage on your own, suiting your needs and with ease?

Become a Community Ambassador for BabyinItaly! Find a world of quality and family-friendly relations to share with the community.

What will you do as Community Ambassador? First of all, write interesting contents at least once a week on BabyinItaly, and be an active supporter of the portal's values to your friends and your network, sharing contents with enthusiasm. You will be our "antenna", listening to your surroundings to help the development of a continuously improving project.

An enthusiast of the world of kids, you will be helping the staff of BabyinItaly to develop the network of readers, authors and family-friendly activities on the territory.

Will you earn? Of course! You will be able to increase your income by dedicating to a stimulating activity, useful to the wellbeing of families. Your earnings will come from commissions on subscriptions to the shop by new local family-friendly activities and from their sales, so it all depends on you.

You can always count on our team. Try, it's easier than you think! And such a satisfaction!

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