Flowerssori s.r.l.

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Flowerssori is a company based in Pisa, which seeks, designs and sells ecological furnishings and accessories for children, constantly inspired by the Montessori Method.
The entire process was born and developed in Italy, supported by the professional excellence of firms specialized in the production of curved wood, operating at the highest levels both in Italy and in Europe.
Moreover, all the elements of the Flowerssori line are built entirely with natural wood, here more precisely veneered beech with 2 rotary cut veneered ash sides, PEFC /18-1-1 al 99%.
No plastic or iron included and the transparent varnish employed on the surface of each element contains the lowest possible level of formaldehyde.
The principle characteristic of Flowerssori furniture is that it offers the child an object with the highest possible ergonomic value: each piece in this line has been adapted to the size and shape of the child and each type and category of furniture has been planned with infinite care so as to embrace and follow his or her movements.

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