The project

We are parents, always trying to find the magic formula to combine family and work, to manage the growth of companies and children, enjoying the infinite inspirations of today's life without having to give up on the pleasure of small things.

And during this quest, we realized that the internet can be a wonderful tool, able to actually improve the quality of life of children and of their carers, helping them to find what they need in their everyday life, in their spare time or for a vacation, and improving their network of contacts.

The difficult part? Finding a complete and renowned up-to-date source to trust.

This is why we created BabyinItaly!

Through the collective vote, we will be able to promote the standards in every sector from a family-friendly point of view, spreading the culture of childcare even in spaces usually dedicated to adults.

The entities that will get very positive reviews and characterized by "family-friendly" services will receive the " "Child-friendly"certificate.

We will promote the approach of young children and their accompanying adults to culture, art, sciences, reading, music, history, theatre, cinema, sport, ecology and interculturality.