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Children and social

Children and social

2 days ago
It's morning, the alarm rings on the smartphone. Sleepy, between a yawn and the other, we reach the phone with his hand and, off the annoying sound, we open WhatsApp to read the latest messages. Drinking coffee we browse the news on Facebook, the latest posts of friends and influencers and in turn w...

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All the experiences in Alice

Alice, 11/04/18


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Traveling with the doula - 10/04/18
An important occasion for expectant mothers, a chat with a special doula, a magical journey with your own creature! We are waiting for you on Friday, April 13th at 10am. Free meeting with reservations required at 02 39814206 or by writing to

Being a mother of a blind person

Being a mother of a blind person

Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows that the main fear of a parent is the health of their child. Mum usually changes her diet to increase the presence of all the elements useful for pregnancy and often supplements are introduced to avoid specific diseases. Unfortunately, sometimes, despite the ...

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