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Alice, 14/11/18
As a child I often spent a lot of time at my grandmother's house, especially in the summer. In his country, lost in the mountains, there were not many entertainments, so I remember that often going to her I filled up with colors, books and magazines. One year my father, to spoil me a bit 'before lea...


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Elena, 10/10/18
There comes that time of the year when there are no major expenses and hope to save a bit 'for future expenses, maybe to get a deserved gift, like a nice trip. Not even the time to think about it, that this year the refrigerator at home has decided to abandon us, making us find the kitchen flooded ...

Enjoying grandparents on vacation

Enjoying grandparents on vacation

When I was a child grandparents were a fundamental part of childhood, as they participated directly in the growth of us children, spending a lot of time with us. The grandparents were a living part of the family unit. Today, however, often have to work many years before deservedly retired and then c...


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